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What are the Benefits of Silicone Toothbrushes?

Silicone Toothbrush has good hydrophobicity, high temperature disinfection, good biocompatibility, and can remove dental plaque, massage gums, and clean tongue coating. It can effectively prevent the occurrence of caries and periodontal disease and greatly improve the effectiveness of oral care. Reduce the occurrence of oral diseases.
Finger Baby Toothbrushes
1. Massage the gums with a silicone toothbrush
Massage the gums is an indispensable part of daily oral care. The bristle scraper of a silicone toothbrush has good softness, low wear and strong adsorption, does not damage the gums, and has no irritation or pain on the gums. At the same time, it can massage the gums comfortably. Massaging the gums can thicken the epithelium of the gums, enhance the self-protection of the gums, make them less susceptible to damage from rough and hard food, help resist the invasion of foreign microorganisms, improve the blood circulation of the gums, and strengthen the gum tissue The nutrient and oxygen supply makes the metabolism of the gum tissue more vigorous and plays an important role in the stability of the teeth. Especially for patients with periodontal atrophy, gingival massage can prevent periodontal atrophy from aggravating, which is beneficial to the stability of teeth.
Silicone Baby Toothbrushes
2. Application of silicone toothbrush in preventing periodontal disease
Bleeding gums, receding gums, and periodontitis are the most common periodontal diseases. When there is periodontal disease, the gums are edema, a large number of new blood vessels in the gums are congested and expanded, and the permeability is enhanced. Once the symptoms are aggravated by brushing or chewing, the gums will bleed. Those with periodontal disease can also use the silicone toothbrush. The bristles have a large cross-section, and the bristles have an arc-shaped tip. The bristles are relatively soft and elastic. They can bend freely when brushing, and will not cause secondary damage to the gums. At the same time, it can achieve normal oral care and cleaning.
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3. Silicone toothbrush to remove plaque
Tooth brushing is the most effective way to remove plaque, prevent and control periodontal diseases, and is most easily accepted and mastered by people. Once a day in the morning and in the evening, brush your teeth especially at the junction of your gums and teeth and between the two teeth where plaque is easy to adhere to. Plaque is an important factor causing dental caries and periodontal disease. Caries and periodontal disease are also known as dental plaque. The most reliable way to control plaque is to use toothbrushes and other auxiliary tools to remove them mechanically. Silicone toothbrushes have a high efficiency of scrubbing and decontamination. Experimental results show that the silicone toothbrushes have a significant plaque removal rate. The plaque removal rate of the silicone toothbrush meets the design requirements and can play a role in oral health care. The plaque removal rate is affected by many factors. The length of brushing time, the use of toothpaste and other auxiliary agents, the difference between the upper and lower dentition, and the pressure of brushing, will all affect the plaque removal rate. If you increase the pressure and extend the brushing time in a timely manner, the stain removal rate can be improved, but the silicone toothbrush will not cause the tooth surface to wear and increase the gum irritation.

The silicone brush head has minimal damage to the periodontal tissue of the tooth. Prolonging the brushing time can also help to remove plaque and massage the periodontal tissue to maintain oral health.

Silicone Baby Toothbrushes

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